We want the gospel of Jesus Christ to radiate from this building, our communities, and our homes. To shine out, so that the truth of Jesus is unignorable. That dark places of sin, addiction, hatred, sadness, may come into the light. We want to see healthy believers luminous and bold to grow and serve. We want this light of healthy believers to lead and in turn multiply our efforts at evangelism and discipleship as the whole church grows, leads, and serves. We desire to see transformation in our communities in a radical way. When our communities are changed it will in turn change our make-up. We will be a church made up of our neighbors. And our more mature believers, leaders, will disciple the next generation of Lighthouse.






Worship in spirit and truth
Expositional Preaching
Prayer Saturated



Authentic Relationships


Biblical Leadership
Active Membership
A Culture of Discipleship
Family Discipleship Focused


A Purpose of Evangelism
Missionally Motivated
Generous with our Resources
Financially Healthy