Membership Matters

What is membership at Lighthouse like?
Join the Lighthouse staff, for a 2-hour session about Lighthouse, learning more about our mission, vision, strategy and what we stand for. During this time you will get to know our staff and each other more. Once you have completed the membership matters class, you will have the opportunity to pursue voting membership at Lighthouse. Come join us and take the next step in your journey with God by getting more connected here at Lighthouse.






What is the process for being baptized at LCC?
Here at LCC, we practice believer’s baptism. This is a great way to proclaim your testimony and God’s work in your life on a large scale. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Kevin.


Child Dedication

How can I dedicate or baptize my child?
Child Dedication is a ceremony in which parents, who follow Jesus, and sometimes entire families, make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God’s will and to raise that child according to God’s Word, God’s ways, and in God’s community of believers. Contact Pastor Kevin for more information


Weddings and Marriage

What is the process for getting married at LCC?
Congratulations on your engagement! We share in your excitement as you journey through one of the most exciting and significant experiences of your life…preparing to be married. We are delighted to assist you. Please contact Pastor Kevin Warner to begin the process.