• Continued support from our families
  • Support from our legislature
  • Peace and calm at school
  • Academic success for our students
  • Success for our families/parents
  • Lifelong success for our students – overcome poverty and the achievement gap
  • Staff to be lifted up and feel confident in their work
  • God’s will be done
Freedom For Youth:
  • For God to create a thirst for truth in the youth we serve, so they are hungry to learn and grow their faith walk.
  • Creativity and drive to reach one more youth with the love of Jesus.
  • Youth who are committed and value the programs offer.
  • Pray that student’s hearts will be softened and ready to hear and receive the Gospel of Jesus.
  • Students to grow and do well in academics.
  • A hedge of protection around all the families we serve. Help keep everyone safe during this season.
    Graduates from the Journey program and Transitions programs would stay connected and come back to engage with other programs, give updates, and know this is a safe place for them to continue to seek advice.
  • Pray for students at Freedom for Youth program, Freedom Blend Coffee, and Freedom Construction Services would come to know and love Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for a specific student. She wants to come to program but feels unable to due to extra responsibilities at home and expected to help take care of mom’s new baby when it comes.
  • That our students will be safe.
  • Volunteers working with the programs take ownership of their time at Freedom for Youth and step into leadership roles, building relationships with the youth they serve that last a lifetime.
  • Current volunteers would feel blessed, and we would have continued support and encouragement from them.
  • Please help us to identify and develop training to equip, empower, and encourage volunteers as they feel called to serve.
  • New volunteers to step up in replace of old ones that have not been able to participate but played critical roles at all Freedom for Youth sites
  • That we will have volunteers sign up according to our ministry needs.
  • That we will continue to have work groups that would come in for various projects around campus.
  • That the volunteer will be safe.
  • Pray for more Life-Skill instructors to lead students in the intro and advanced classes, helping them discover their God-given gifts and talents.
  • We ask for more Life-Skills instructors and classes in Des Moines and places around the state with middle and high school students.
  • That more volunteers and students will catch the vision and potential of skills classes.
  • Pray for intentionality as we display students’ artwork at Freedom Blend Coffee and plan what this could look like at the coffee shop and with Teen Arts Fest. The students would learn how to sell quality items, learn soft skills, and gain confidence.
  • God would open doors around the state to expand our reach to 99 counties!
    Freedom Quest Summer 2021 Locations: Atlantic, Fort Dodge, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, Webster City, Bloomfield
  • Space or building to host programs.
  • Open doors for connections that really want to take ownership of program & sharing about Freedom for Youth.
  • More students to join and get excited about programs & hearing the gospel.
  • Volunteers to sign up in each community to launch a weekly program.
  • Clarity in the planning & launch of the first Hub for Freedom Quest outreach locations.
  • Provide staff needed.
  • Provide space needed.
  • Provide connections & partnerships needed.
  • Provide the income needed to expand and reach more youth in Iowa who needs to hear about God.
  • People or groups to provide meals regularly.
  • For each one of our current programs, Hickman, Hope, Eastview, Clarion, Carlise, Hartford, Knoxville, Newton, Perry, Stuart, Marshalltown, Huxley, Johnston-The Barn, Johnston -The Bridge, we pray:
  • That programs will grow in students and volunteer numbers.
  • That we will have better church and community connections.
  • A hedge of protection around every campus, locations, neighbors, and community.
  • Partnerships with the schools become stronger in this next year, and teachers/staff see the changes in students who attend Freedom programs and the support Freedom for Youth desires to be to them.
  • Pray for those who are yet to be a part of the Freedom that God is pursuing. Pray that the Holy Spirit places intentional people and/or situations into their lives to bring them to Freedom; in whatever capacity He desires.
  • Freedom’s mentorship program continues to develop, and more students get plugged into healthy relationships with mentors/mentorship families.
  • That the sites that have not been able to open yet will be able to open soon. (Hartford, Hope, Clarion, Huxley)
  • Meals continue to be provided for each program.
  • Pray that the program that is on our Start-Up list for 2021 would be able to start with program this year. Indianola, Grinnell, Greenfield, Jefferson, Boone, Chariton, Creston
  • Life skills: We pray the students will see the value in these classes.
  • That God would open the right opportunities across the state to facilitate skills classes at programs.
Knoxville Specific:
  • Pray for our woodshop classes, that we would know how to keep students excited and teach them well.
  • Wisdom for what our annual fundraiser should look like.
  • Raising funds to have stove and fire suppression hood put in ($3 to $5 thousand).
  • That we could grow our board to 6 members.
  • We are hosting a lunch and learn for local pastors in March. Pray that many would attend, and connections would be made.
  • Transition’s employees will have the strength to finish the year of employment training & skill development strong, holding each other accountable and creating lasting friendships.
  • Wisdom in pointing Transitions students to Christ in all we do, holding them accountable for employment training and equipping them with the resources and opportunities they need to reach their goals.
  • Freedom Blend Coffee
  • For God to grant favor with the community and customers.
  • For God to be glorified in every processes and planning.
  • More awareness and customers/bulk bean buyers!
  • Increase in people signing up to use the Student Achievement Center room for functions that introduce people to the coffee shop & mission behind Freedom Blend Coffee.
  • Pray that we can connect with each Transitions participant in ways that allow us to truly encourage them towards their goals and points them to Jesus.
  • Good health physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually as well as good attendance and punctuality for all Freedom Blend Coffee employees
  • Improved efficiency and smoothness logistically at Freedom Blend Coffee.
  • New staff members who would be a good fit.
  • Wisdom and direction for expanding hours of operation as well as relaunching the Christ-Life Center operation.
  • That Freedom Blend Coffee would begin to break even in terms of cost and start making a profit.
  • Patience, wisdom, strength, and love for management team to guide, support, equip, motivate, and encourage employees at Freedom Blend Coffee, leading employees into a better relationship with Christ, themselves, and others above all else, but also providing invaluable guidance in personal and professional development.
  • Freedom Construction Services
  • Help provide the right people and resources needed to fill the teaching bays.
  • Safety when we go out for jobs and during training.
  • Wisdom and creativity to teach classes needed to be successful at a job.
  • For God to work in the hearts of existing and new donors to increase giving and/or involvement.
  • For God to grant favor with various organizations, foundations, and institutions, we submit grant requests to.
  • Increased opportunities for speaking engagements at churches and community functions.
  • That we would have community connections like never before.
  • That we will continue to find financial blessing from God for the work that the wants us to do.
  • Continued understanding of how DonorView(Database) works and connects everything.
  • Donation of supplies listed on the website to be given and for God to use this as a platform to connect people more to the ministry.
  • For God to deepen current relationships with church congregations in Des Moines and across the state.
  • To open new partnership opportunities with new churches to come alongside Freedom for Youth and the mission/vision.
  • That FFY would gain the interns needed to help assist with programs and other ministry areas.
  • That the interns they would grow in the areas of faith, clarity and fun!
  • That They would be great advocates going back to their friends & church community sharing about Freedom for Youth and how to get involved.
  • For God to strengthen his hedge of protection around the ministry and each employee – emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.
  • Help us to be a light during this time of so much darkness. To always point you the Christ in all that we say and do.
  • Staff to develop in their roles and to use all our God-given gifts and talents.
  • Pray for each program leader to have the strength to lead with humility, speak the truth with grace and build trust with those we serve.
  • Pray for our country and our leaders.
  • Pray over Freedom for Youth’s board members – for wisdom, unity, passion to share about Freedom and make Christ known.

Ruth Harbor:
  • Another resident gave birth in the past month… mom & baby are healthy and well.
  • Two new Christians (residents) are growing in their faith with the support of staff.
  • A Maternity Resident, due in June, learned at a gender reveal party that she is having a girl!
  • A Mother-Child Resident saved enough money to pay-off fines that were preventing her from driving. She was also promoted by her employer.
  • Another resident has paid most of her debt, better positioning her for future financial freedom.
  • Stacy, our Program Director, has provided significant support for our House Parents and clients.
  • A Dsm Christian School student group prepared & delivered 10 freezer meals for our homes.
  • St. Elizabeth Seton Social Concerns Com. donated gift cards in lieu of annual advent tree project.
  • St. John’s Lutheran Women’s Missionary League collected Wish List (link) items in December.
  • An opportunity to present RHM at an area church for their Sanctity of Life Sunday.
  • Five pieces of exercise equipment were donated to our Carlisle Home.
  • Midwest Family Lending made an unexpected financial gift through their MFL Cares Program.
  • Five individuals set up Facebook Birthday Fundraisers benefiting RHM.
  • Staff and board were able to hold in-person meetings with the help of Christ-Life Ministries.
  • We are at 97% of our $150,000 goal for this past fall’s Virtual Fundraising Event.
  • Many made year-end financial gifts.
  • That a resident’s rapid growth as a new believer will continue.
  • Another resident is taking online classes for her HiSET (high school equivalency exam).
  • For another ministry who will partner to provide advanced support needed by a resident.
  • Good health for our current residents, babies, and staff amid the pandemic.
  • For House Parents moving through a particularly trying season of providing client support.
  • Staff relationship-building with residents so that hearts and spirits of residents will be uplifted.
  • Staffing need: House Parent Assistant (Des Moines) and Life Coach (Carlisle).
  • Pray for Volunteer needs: drivers and office custodian.
  • Two larger projects need to be completed; one at each of our homes.
  • Our leadership team as they cast a vision for the ministry and continue developing/guiding.